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March 1, 2017

LDA-Based Topic Modelling in Javascript: An Update

I’ve just pushed a Javascript version of LDA on my github account. It’s based on my no-longer-functioning earlier work. For testing, I use a subset of the SMS Spam Corpus available here (and thus take no responsibility of the inappropriateness of the text within :) ). Each topic is represented as a word cloud; the larger a word, the more weight it has in the topic. The source sentences are displayed again with a bar which shows the percentage distribution of topics for that sentence....

April 19, 2014

Urdu Sentiment Lexicon

With the increasing number of “opinion-dispensing apps” which enable Urdu users to write in Unicode out there on the web, there is (or will soon be) a need for getting some meaningful statistics out of the ever-present sentiment of the masses (or at least the web-savvy subset). This calls for resources which enable automatic processing of sentiment, one of which is a sentiment lexicon for Urdu. (For people uninitiated in computational linguistics, a lexicon is just a list of words)....

June 14, 2012

Twingual: A twitter client for bilingual tweeple

In my last post, I highlighted some problems that I face daily while using twitter in Urdu as well in English. A few days ago, I decided to experiment with the Twitter API and write my own client to fix some of these problems. You can see the result at www.twingual.com. It is a javascript only twitter client which supports neat Nastaleeq urdu fonts as well as transliteration. It’s a work in progress and does not implement all twitter features....

May 9, 2012

Nastaleeq Urdu Typesetting: When will they get it right?

Last night, I read about the new Nasteeq font available in Windows 8 and I just had to check it out. After leaving my machine up all night to install the consumer preview, I finally had time to examine the new “Urdu Typeset” out a while ago. Although Microsoft explicitly states it to be a ‘document’ font, it never hurts to check out how it behaves in a web UI setting....

April 14, 2012