Google and Urdu Stemming


Is google (finally) stemming Urdu? The last time I checked, there were doing something like a transliteration based search but in the screenshot below, you can see that searching for the phrase ان پڑھ چٹا shows some stemming is being used. Does anyone know anything?  Oh, and while I’m on this topic, I would also like to know why is it called چٹا ان پڑھ ?


2 thoughts on “Google and Urdu Stemming

  1. لکھتے کیسے ہیں؟ “khappy” کرنے لگا تھا لیکن پھر یہ “search” “khappy” میں

    I mean, do you know how to find the Udru of any word that i know or can write as transliteration since i don’t know the exact spelling in Urdu.

    And how to insert english words in Urdu Sentences ? Its really painful.

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