The Floor Code

Computer Lab Floor

If you walk into my department, one of the first things you may notice is that some of the tiles on the floor are a black and there’s no particular pattern to it. These tiles actually encode a message. The curious amongst us are supposed to decode this but despite having spent 3 years in the department, I could never get the time until last Friday. The decoding should be pretty simple if you want to try your skills. The last 6 letters of the first word can be read off this picture. If you are too lazy, just click here for the explanation. (Anyone who has taken an Introduction to Computer Science course should at least try for ONE minute before clicking)

Geek Art!

(Oh! and clicking on the image opens up a high res version.)

One thought on “The Floor Code

  1. On Seattle’s waterfront, the Pike Street farmer’s market is on daily. Made a hundred or so years ago, the men who laid the tiles for the floor were commissioned to include prime numbers patterns in honor of the butcher’s mathematician wife. Nice work, don’t you think? The history of the market is filled with personal touches as a result of many people coming together; little fascinating bits are everywhere but they are hidden from view unless someone tells you the Secret.

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