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With the increasing number of “opinion-dispensing apps” which enable Urdu users to write in Unicode out there on the web, there is (or will soon be) a need for getting some meaningful statistics out of the ever-present sentiment of the masses (or at least the web-savvy subset). This calls for resources which enable automatic processing of sentiment, one of which is a sentiment lexicon for Urdu. (For people uninitiated in computational linguistics, a lexicon is just a list of words).  Since I couldn’t find any sentiment lexicon available for for Urdu on the tubes, I decided to put in some effort and create a new one.

Click here to check out the Urdu Sentiment Lexicon


The Urdu Sentiment Lexicon is a list of 2,607 positive and 4,728 negative sentiment/opinion words for Urdu. It is based on a similar list for English available here. The English words have been translated to Urdu automatically using a dictionary lookup. All resulting Urdu synonyms have been included as well. The lexicon has also been manually inspected (but very quickly) and any irrelevant words have been deleted.

To test things out, I’ve also developed a simple javascript application which changes the color of the sentiment words according to their polarity. It also calculates the background color of the whole text using the total polarity score of the text (+1 for positive, –1 for negative). A screentshot is given above. Like all sentiment lexica, this won’t be perfect. But I am hoping this will give my fellow researchers who work on Urdu sentiment analysis a starting point and save some time.


Click here to check out the Urdu Sentiment Lexicon

4 thoughts on “Urdu Sentiment Lexicon

  1. Hello,
    I am an undergraduate student doing working on semantics as my final year project. i am currently working on the sentiment analysis for both Urdu and Roman Urdu languages. I really appreciate your work. its quite useful. Can u please share your code for Urdu sentilizer. I will be very thankful to you if you can help me out in this regards

  2. Aoa,
    I am also working on sentiment analysis for urdu.
    Please help me for making a software of it.
    Share code if possible.

  3. I am also working on sentiment analysis for urdu, i m using this lexicon in my work and want to know about any refrence paper which already used your lexicon plz tell me any research paper in which your lexicon is used..

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