Since I’ll be staying here for a while, it’s probably better to try and keep myself in practice. Sohail has planned at least two failed trips to Cambridge and from the looks of it, I wasn’t going to get my acoustic any soon. Besides, it’s probably a good idea to poke the rocker inside me a bit and switch to something more err… current. Thus this cheap throw-away(?!) Encore from Amazon. I’ve only just tuned it and as far as I can see, it’s worth the money. The package includes 3 pickups, a stand, tuner, 10W amp and sundry things. The amp has a crispy tone but I’ll check it out in detail may be tomorrow (when  P(flatmates_sleeping)<0.3). It’s a bit lighter than most guitars I’ve used and I’m still not sure whether to count it as a con or not.

for now, I’ll strum the night away…

(while reading some paper and a half a thesis… *sigh*)

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