JabRef and Google Scholar

I can’t seem to find any way to import the bib entries provided by google scholar to JabRef directly. You can enable the Import into BibTex link from the preferences but it streams the bib file as text/plain which opens up in the browser. You can save it and import it but that wastes a lot of clicks. The easiest option is to copy-paste all the text into a new JabRef entry (Ctrl+N). The default settings leave the double curly braces in the title (to preserve case) which can be removed by enabling the Remove double braces… checkbox in the File tab of Options/Preferences. This works for JabRef 2.5.

5 thoughts on “JabRef and Google Scholar

  1. There is a quite easy solution to import the google Scholar bibtex (and probably any bibtex reference from other database):
    Just click on : Bibtex export in google scholar
    -> the browser should now display the plain bibtex code
    copy the bibtex
    go to jabRef give focus to the main table with all your entries
    just press ctrl+v
    -> the new entry will be added automatically

  2. THX for Google prefs setting. If you have the pdf I find it easier to cut and paste the title into the |JabRef|Web search>Google Scholar field.

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