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Roses are red Violets are blue Everyone’s equal When σ is μ

February 25, 2020

Almost eleven

This blog is almost 11 now. I’ll be trying out switching to an android client this year, just to see if it makes any difference in my posting frequency. Meanwhile, here’s a ’test swan'.

January 2, 2020

caffeine chronicles

Found this “graph” I created for #CraftyDataViz some time ago. It managed to get an honourable mention in the “Most Fun” category, so a much belated yay! :D (here’s the original tweet)

September 16, 2019

Porn, Ramzan, and Pakistan

Do people watch less porn in ramzan? See for yourself ! Update: Post-eid graph at the end I compared the search interests of terms pornand ramzan in Pakistan for the last 6 years. The data is taken from google trends. Here are a few things to note. We are consistent. The pattern of searches (as discussed below) is the same every year. There’s a slight spike in porn search right before ramzan starts....

June 8, 2018

Of Mir and Meerkats

Breakfast Doodle

March 1, 2017