Where Iqbal lived in Cambridge


During his undergrad (if you can call it that), Iqbal read at Trinity College, Cambridge. By current definition of the phrase, he was a ‘mature student’. He stayed at 17 Portugal Place.At that time, the house might have been college-owned, but I can’t confirm that.

It’s a smallish house with a narrow street on one side and a wider one on the other. The wider street opens up in Jesus Green, a large ground. The house is a 5 minute  walk away from the river Cam. 

I wish I could go and live there for some time, just to check if creativity is influenced by proximity to greatness, even if it’s time-shifted. Without going into any more details, here are some pictures.

the street 

the sky

the corner

the house

the plaque

4 thoughts on “Where Iqbal lived in Cambridge

  1. When he was an ‘under grad’ at Trinity just at the end of the lane is the Turk’s Head, an excellent place to dine and has excellent ale. On the other side in 1905 was a brothel. As you turn the lane even now, the goryles on the houses still tell of what happened there.

    It is amazing that when he lived inside Bhati Gate in Lahore, if you move eastwards came Chowk Chakla, where legend has it he murdered a prostitute, and to the West was the Sikh run wine shop. The chap lived it tothe full.

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