Shiro Modem, Voltage Fluctuation and UPS

shiro adapter If your Shiro modem (that pathetically unstable thing given by the wise folks at PTCL) restarts whenever there is a slight voltage fluctuation (or when the voltage goes low), get a new 9V 1A power adapter. I got one from Hafeez Center today for 200/- and it does wonders to my totally unstable modem when load shedding causes the UPS to kick in. (And no, I will NOT clean my modem!)

3 thoughts on “Shiro Modem, Voltage Fluctuation and UPS

  1. And I never clean my Computer .. why to clean these stupid machines for what ? these things could go down anytime .. loadshading .. all that ..

    Thats a cool trick u done bringing an Adapter but is this the place where u set your Modem ? on Floor ?

    And yes my CPU is on floor but carpeted floor

  2. dude…that was awsome seriosuly i had thre same problem…my modem restarts just after it is on ups….well hope i will get the same adapter as u did…which exact shop and u got it from hafeez centre…thx and waitng for ur reply

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