OpenWare Education: BLOSSOMS project at MIT

There was a talk today by Dr. Richard Larson at FAST-NU on an initiative by LINC called BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies). It focuses on developing open ware modules for high school students which can be recorded and shared in classrooms. The creative twist is to create a ‘blend’ between the video lectures and an in class teacher. Participants are to be selected from US (MIT), Jordan and Pakistan.

Its open for students as well as teachers and virtually anyone can create content to teach high school students. Some of the related videos can be viewed from MIT TechTV. If anyone is interested, he/she/it should drop Dr. Larson an email.

2 thoughts on “OpenWare Education: BLOSSOMS project at MIT

  1. Dear Dr. Larson,

    I am an Egyptian medical doctor, I used to teach nursing schools (5 years) in Egypt after junior high schools (affiliated to governmental public hospitals).

    I am very interested in your project, and it would be a great step in developing nursing staff, if I can apply your vision in this field of teaching.

    So, please send me more information about your project, and how can Egyptian nursing schools can participate in this project .

    My regards , and thanks in advance. . .

    Dr. Maged Zaki.

  2. Maged, this is more than two years old. You should try clicking on the links in red and follow up there. I am not associated with the project nor I think would they read this blog.

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