Of Wheels and Wickshaws

There’s a traffic signal in front of Jinnah hospital at the crossing of Maulana Shuakat Ali Road and Usmani road. It’s either a very “happening” place or I’ve conditioned my self to observe interesting things whenever I stop there. The other day, I noticed an interesting looking thaila which bore a sign saying “Biryani on wheels”. I loved the idea and wanting to share it with the rest of the world (or whoever reads this blog), took my camera (or rather my wife’s camera) out to take a quick snap. 


Just as I was about to click, a rickshaw got in front of the sign. I motioned the rickshay wala to move to a side if possible and in his innocence, he sat up front and made a seriously cute pose. After I had taken the picture, he asked me if I could show it to him. Unfortunately, the signal went green and I had to go. But dear rickshay walay stylo bhai , I am posting this picture here in the hopes that it gets viral and you can see it someday.

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