HEC! plagiarism = sexual harassment?

Today, I got a copy of the policy guidelines against sexual harassment in institutions of higher learning in my inbox which has been published by the Govt. of Pakistan Higher Education Commission. It contains a “listing of sexual harassment” along with “actual reported cases”. The last item in the list is

Forcing students to publish their research work in Supervisors name.

While the most obvious implication of this statement is that plagiarism (by the supervisor) is sexual harassment, I think there is a hidden message there as well.

5 min sketch in MS paint


  Research is sexy! Smile 

Another example of sexual harassment as stated in the document is

Younger  faculty member was blocked  by Dean of the relevant  faculty  to get  higher  education (PhD/Phil).

Here, I’ll leave you to make your own implications. Write them in the comments, if you will, and read the whole document for more lols.

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