5 minutes of FM ads

I get to listen to some FM radio ads every now and then (don’t ask why) but today’s line up was rather interesting.

  1. !ہر چیز میزان میں، اچھی لگتی ہے (append more ridiculously childish lyrics here)
  2. Warid is asking us to start using our SIMs again by uttering the spell "کھل جا SIM SIM". Not a bad techie pun even though its a bit corny.
  3. Junaid Jamshed is telling us that its ok to get Lays (no ungrammatical pun intended). Apparently he has done the research himself and was ‘surprised’ to find out that they were made in Pakistan! (no really? wow! ہم کتنی ترقی کر گٰے ہیں) Also that they are 100% حلال (with all stress on ح ، حلق سے). Personally, I prefer Slanty.
  4. The Prime Minister has established a new “Special Fund for Victims of Terrorism”. Perhaps its a step towards not using the three lettered acronym (IDP). I was wondering if this makes people from US and UK eligible as well.

All this happened while “Miss Recheal Goodluck” was dropping me an email telling me that she is interested in me *blush* *blush*

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