horimon I have a 1920x1080 desktop at work but when I use remote desktop to connect to home, it automatically resizes to my compact 1024*768 desktop. Most programs don’t seem to have a problem but I was working on Weka KnowledgeFlow and one of my flows, originally designed on the higher resolution, never showed a horizontal scroll. It might just be a java thing. In short, I had to look for a method to remote using a higher resolution than that of the local machine. Luckily, you can specify a custom resolution for the RDC using a command line switch ( more here ). The command line below gave be enough space to fix the flow. I hope this helps someone out there.

mstsc /w:1280 /h:1024

The picture above is my office machine when i was trying a horizontal flip. It works when you have many consoles open but the bottom part gets for browsing/coding, it’s not that great.