A challenge in time-limited search

I was trying to trace the source of the quote “Any sufficiently advanced financial instrument is indistinguishable from fraud.”. If you do a quoted google search on a custom date range, an interesting problem can be seen. The results contain pages originally published in 2005 but re-indexed recently. While re-indexing, the current tweets of the […]

Google as a Question Answering System

A Question Answering (QA) system is an Information Retrieval system which gives the answer to a question posed in natural language. For example, if you ask it Who wrote Hamlet?, it should answer Shakespeare. A few years ago (don’t ask me how many), search engines did not focus on language queries. Recently [sic], Google has […]


I am playing around with a customized twitter client, temporarily named ‘outwit’. I’ll try to add up the features as I need them but its strictly an experiment for the time being. Let’s see if things go smoothly from here.

Creating Canonical / Normalized Links and URLs

Here is a short intro on how to make sure that major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) can be directed to see different URLs with the same content as a single ‘conanical’ URL. For example, the following links point to the same page but have different URLs http://nu.edu.pk/default.aspx http://nu.edu.pk http://www.nu.edu.pk/default.aspx http://www.nu.edu.pk/ http://nu.edu.pk/default.ASPX The solution is […]

Am I asking the right question?

Twitter asks ‘What are you doing?’ Google Latitude asks ‘Where are you?’ del.icio.us asks ‘What are you browsing?’ As in science, one of the most important things in web application development is thus asking the right question (at the right time). A properly phrased question can identify your niche along with giving you a guideline […]