Porn, Ramzan, and Pakistan

Do people watch less porn in ramzan? See for yourself ! Update: Post-eid graph at the end I compared the search interests of terms porn and ramzan in Pakistan for the last 6 years. The data is taken from google trends. Here are a few things to note. We are consistent. The pattern of searches (as discussed below) is […]

A survey on Nastaleeq Font preferences for Urdu

tl;dr – A survey I carried out shows that 55% of the respondents considered Jameel Noori Nastaleeq to be the most readable out of six commonly used Urdu fonts on the web. Update: These stats were updated on Aug 4, 2015 The data below is from a small survey I carried out in order to learn […]

Us Literal Lahoris

It seems as if every hour is a rush hour in Lahore these days. At around noon today, I got stuck in traffic near Barkat market with a friend. We were waiting for the signal to go green when I noticed this eloquent display of a emotions at the back of a car. I was […]