Making a copy of WEKA Instances

This ‘thing’ took about 30 minutes to figure out. According to the WEKA documentation, if  you add a new Instance to an existing Instances object, String values are not transferred ! In case you are working on copying a dataset with a string attribute, you need to transfer the string manually. The code segment below […]

Google and Urdu Stemming

  Is google (finally) stemming Urdu? The last time I checked, there were doing something like a transliteration based search but in the screenshot below, you can see that searching for the phrase ان پڑھ چٹا shows some stemming is being used. Does anyone know anything?  Oh, and while I’m on this topic, I would […]

Visualizing Citation Networks

For techies: I’ve been working on citation networks lately. You can visualize such a network as a graph. In this graph, the nodes represent publications (papers,articles etc) and the edges represent citations between them. The graph above was produced using the GraphViz. The data is from the ACL Anthology Network which contains publications from the […]

Online English to Urdu Translator

While all the online English to Urdu translators that I have seen don’t really work that well (read suck), if we make use the overlapping vocabulary and grammar of Hindi and Urdu along with using Google’s translation API, things come out pretty decent (as mentioned in my previous post). Here’s a small 15 min first […]

How do you transliterate that?

I am thinking of using google’s English to Hindi translation and hooking it to a Hindi to Urdu transliterator to get an approximate English to Urdu translation. The Hindi to English transliteration provided by google has some errors which might not be there if we convert directly to Urdu. For example, on translating the sentence […]