Desk Descriptions

It’s been one week since I switched to a sit/stand desk setup. It’s time to report back. I’ve decided to try out a sit/stand setup for the next week. Will report back if it’s worth switching to permanently. A photo posted by Awais Athar (@awais_athar) on Aug 16, 2016 at 7:39am PDT Here are some of the […]

Custom Resolution in Remote Desktop

I have a 1920×1080 desktop at work but when I use remote desktop to connect to home, it automatically resizes to my compact 1024*768 desktop. Most programs don’t seem to have a problem but I was working on Weka KnowledgeFlow and one of my flows, originally designed on the higher resolution, never showed a horizontal […]

Shiro Modem, Voltage Fluctuation and UPS

If your Shiro modem (that pathetically unstable thing given by the wise folks at PTCL) restarts whenever there is a slight voltage fluctuation (or when the voltage goes low), get a new 9V 1A power adapter. I got one from Hafeez Center today for 200/- and it does wonders to my totally unstable modem when […]

all creatures great and small

This picture was taken while trying to install XP and Xubuntu on my machine without a CD. It’s quite clear how the data storage media has shrunk with the passage of time. The biggest disk here has a 2GB limit and was taken from an old dell laptop. The CF Card is 2GB as well, […]