Google as a Question Answering System

A Question Answering (QA) system is an Information Retrieval system which gives the answer to a question posed in natural language. For example, if you ask it Who wrote Hamlet?, it should answer Shakespeare. A few years ago (don’t ask me how many), search engines did not focus on language queries. Recently [sic], Google has […]

How to get formants of phones from sound files

This tutorial is mostly for people (esp. my AI students) who want to find formants of any sounds sample. So here are the things/software you will need. a good mic (recommended but not necessary) a quite room any software which can cut and save wav files. I use Praat. the console version of Praat, called […]

River Crossing and State Space Search

I made a small 10 min demo to simulate the classic river crossing puzzle for teaching state space search in my AI class. I did exercise my right to be creative by changing the characters a bit. Jerry, Tom and Spike have to cross a river, going from the right side to left, in a […]

Solving the 8 Queens Problem

I will be teaching a course in Artificial Intelligence this summer. For some parts of the course, I plan to show implemented demos along with the course material. Looking from the students’ point of view, such tools not only decrease the learning time while in the class room, but also give enough material to play […]