A Key to Lines

They flow on with the morning rush don’t hear, don’t see, don’t feel this human flood of vain concerns uncouth, unclean , unreal He travels on the metal road and weaves on dreams unique of ticklish clouds and purple pines of papers that can speak She comes and sits in front of him and opens […]

Creating Canonical / Normalized Links and URLs

Here is a short intro on how to make sure that major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) can be directed to see different URLs with the same content as a single ‘conanical’ URL. For example, the following links point to the same page but have different URLs http://nu.edu.pk/default.aspx http://nu.edu.pk http://www.nu.edu.pk/default.aspx http://www.nu.edu.pk/ http://nu.edu.pk/default.ASPX The solution is […]

Am I asking the right question?

Twitter asks ‘What are you doing?’ Google Latitude asks ‘Where are you?’ del.icio.us asks ‘What are you browsing?’ As in science, one of the most important things in web application development is thus asking the right question (at the right time). A properly phrased question can identify your niche along with giving you a guideline […]