NCA shows off its students

I am sure BBC Urdu never does this intentionally but every once in a while, they put up an ambiguous heading. This one, roughly translated, can either mean ‘Exhibition of students from NCA’ or ‘Exhibition by students from NCA’. (You may NOT comment about the font problem here :> )

OpenWare Education: BLOSSOMS project at MIT

There was a talk today by Dr. Richard Larson at FAST-NU on an initiative by LINC called BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies). It focuses on developing open ware modules for high school students which can be recorded and shared in classrooms. The creative twist is to create a ‘blend’ between the […]

CLT 2009

The Conference on Language and Technology (CLT) 2009 is starting from tomorrow. Its a 3-day event consisting of invited talks, workshops, paper presentation and some other stuff as well. I hope to catch at least some of the workshops barring time overlap with classes and the session on Semantics and Information Retrieval if possible. Details […]

Changing Routines

After a long long break, I finally have some time to make a second post. The new semester has started and like most things, it should not take more than two weeks to get used to the new routine. Two weeks is the maximum time it takes for me to settle down in to a […]

again and again and again and again …

Here is the obligatory first post for this blog. Over the years, I have started up and discarded several home pages and blogs, the last one being Directed Digressions. Unfortunately, I never got around to getting a domain name registered and all. For the time being, I will use this blog as a scratch pad, […]